Berkman told the media flat out today that he would waive his no trade

It replica Bvlgari AL29BTAVD Ladie's watch been out.I am TIRED of this crap.Berkman told the media flat out today that he would waive his no trade.Well, if he ain't hittin and he's lollygagging, he ain't gonna be gettin no offers, that is fer SHER.Not that I am expecting real too much from Keppinger…Anyhow, Ryal hits a ball to Blum, he scoops it barehanded, Berkman makes a fantastic pick and Ryal is out.Only the 1B ump channels Don Denkinger and Ryal is safe and the run scores.Poor Lopez.Berkman and Kepp owe him a steak dinner.Moehler comes in, gets a flyout, then a single, then on a hitnrun, the batter lines out to Carlos, who throws the ball to Lance in time to double up the runner.

He seemed a LOT more purposeful and determined out there today.He struck out in the first inning, but took what he had seen about Bush and how the ump was calling balls and strikes and the very next at bat, firmly hit a changeup for a solid single to center.Of course, then Carlos grounded into one of his many double plays (one of the problems with replica Chopard 168331-3001 watch a contact hitter, by the way)In the 5th, Lance came up with bases loaded, two out.And instead of grounding out to second as he has already done so many times this year, he hit a pea down the first base line.

Roger is pitching, so we need to win one for the Roger we still DO have the best home record in the majors (and worst road record in the majors)Clemens vs Mark Redman:Roger.Well, yall know the story.Suffering from a severe case of replica Rado R20338752 watch Clemens' Syndrome (little to no run support, especially when pitching especially well) which (according to the NY tabloids) can only be cured by trading him to the MFY in return for many of their promising prospects from their deep farm PLUS a bag of Big League Chew for Tim Purpura.5 starts, 5 QS, 1-1 with a 1.03 ERA with 2 HR, 8 BB and 36 K in 35 IP.

ESPECIALLY all the “fans” who have been booing him

ESPECIALLY all the “fans” who have been booing him, saying he’s a drag on the team.And Trever Miller was sent in to face and NO, I am not kidding rightys.Maybe Phil IS getting ready to leave the LOOGY only stuff for when he really DOES need a LOOGY or when he really DOES need a platoon, which is NOT every single time no replica Chopard 278951-3001 watch exceptions.He was a little shaky, giving up a walk on 4 straight pitches and a single, but he got his 3 outs without giving up any runs.And now, the rest of the story…Lance must been feeling pretty bad about costing Chris Burke his job, and possibly his career, because he seemed to have taken it upon his “leader” self to change his hitting, fielding and running ways.

Heck, just about ANYONE (except Kevin Brown WHY is he still starting) is bettern Duck.We're leaving too many MOB again 9 H, 3 BB, 4 R and 9 LOB.Wasted scoring opportunities in almost EVERY inning.It's not that Kip Wells was replica Rado R205911 Men's watch unhittable or anything…- In the first, Lane, then Ensberg then Everett left guys at second and third with NO outs.- In the second, Biggio popped out with Taveras on second.- In the third, Everett GO with Ensberg at first.- In the fourth, Bagwell GO with Biggio and Taveras on first and second.- In the fifth, Everett FO with Ensberg on first.- In the sixth, Bagwell FO with Biggio on first.-

In the 9th, Bagwell FO and Lamb GIDP with Biggio and Taveras in first and second.Willy Taveras had a GREAT game 3 fer 3 with 2 BB with 2 SB and Kip Wells made 2 throwing errors trying to get him out one lead to an unearned run.Jason Lane has a great arm and glove, but he can NOT seem to hit with anyone on base.Speaking of on replica Rado R20381142 watch base, Morgan Ensberg has the highest team OBP at .396 he also has the team high in K 22 and the highest P PA at 4.22 (actually Luke Scott was the highest at 4.45)Tonight is the last night of the home stand before we go back on the road for a week.

Lance Berkman will join the team in Atlanta.No word on whether or not it will be Duckworthless

A few rumors:1) Lance Berkman will join the team in Atlanta.No word on whether or not it will be Duckworthless who will be sent down if not him, then Bruntlett or Burke.2) Roy-O did not throw today his foot still hurting? Guess he will throw tomorrow and start in Atlanta against Smoltz as planned on Friday.3) Brandon Backe was replica Rado Integral R20488732 Ladie's watch hospitalized for pneumonia (true) but I hear he is expected to start on Thursday.If he pitches like Brad Lidge did yesterday (NOT like BRAAD) or moves like Adam Everett did when he just came back (2 errors, remember) then his ERA is gonna explode, poor baby…

First, a few game notes from last night:To (mis)quote one of Jim Bouton's teammates on the 69 Astros, we don't lose in the ^ $!?Box.Don't guess that anyone told that to Ezequiel Astacio.Just like in the minors, he gives up lots of hits replica Rado Unisex R2 watch solo shots to the Wilson Boys, doesn't walk a lot (1) and gets around a strikeout an inning (6).I honestly do NOT see why the brass is so into him.He doesn't have real good command of the strike zone the 2 home runs were on splitters that didn't, and doesn't locate low pitches from the stretch.He seems better than Duck, though.

(Lil Miss wanted to know why everybody was leaving after the 6th.Because they have seen enough and figure that if we are ahead by 9 runs, the game is as good as over I said.But it ISN’T over, she sez.It’s not over until it IS over.My own lil Yogi replica Chopard 168992-3001BL watch Barrette…)Back to Lidge I am telling all yall he looked like BRADD again.Oh I hope he really is, because I want all those sneering ($%! who have been saying he’s cooked, mental, finished, should have been traded released sent down waived to eat their words.

the relievers have allowed all his inherited runners to score

Louis, and the relievers have allowed all his inherited runners to score, too.As I've noted before, he LUVS the Box and isn't near as good on the road -Home 2- 0 in 3 GS with 2 HR, 4 BB and 21 K in 19.0 IP with a replica Rado R20430732 Ladie's watch.It's my personal idea that he does better on the road if Roger Clemens has gone on that road trip, seems to me that his motion is a LOT more like Roger's every time I see him and I've noticed Roger talking to him between innings at home I wonder if he misses his mentor on the road…He has never started a game at the Ted just relieved a total of 1 inning over 2 games and done lousy.

And let me tell you, the FB was snapping at 95-97 AND he was locating it VERY well.And let me tell you, he was throwing the sliders for strikes and the guys were swinging and missing at BOTH the fastball AND the slider.He gave up 2 hits, a piddly little slow rolling infield single to Rickie Weeks who runs like lightning and one of those replica Chopard 276144-0007 watch annoying popup bloops down the RF line that almost went foul.But other than that, he was nails a groundout to first, a can of corn to center and 3 swinging strikeouts.And the cheers were pretty awesome when he struck out the last guy it’s too bad so many people left after the 6th inning and missed it

Wilton Lopez, who finished up the 4th with 1 pitch, 1 out, gets a fly to DEEP left center and Bourn makes yet another spectacular catch.Then LaRoche hits a ball off the scoreboard Clank lumbers all around all over the place like a drunken bear and LaRoche coasts into THIRD.Chris Young Ks.Then Rusty Ryal is up, takes a couple balls, replica Bvlgari BB42WSSDAUTO Men's watch hits a couple fouls, then hits a popup in foul territory in right and Berkman and Keppinger lollygag over there (Pence isn't anywhere near because he has to run over from deep right center) and the ball drops.


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